The routes that wind through these hills are beloved not only by local cyclists, but by Tour athletes. George Hincapie chose this region as his personal training arena for its resemblance to the Alpine climbs and rolling hills he grew to love in Europe. Years after his retirement, George still rides through this region—and now he’s sharing his passion for the area with guests.

Go for a Spin

Whether you prefer to send your measurements in ahead of time or get fit when you arrive, you can rent a Scott bike from our high-end fleet anytime during your stay. These finely-tuned bikes are perfect for hitting the road.

Try Something New

If you’re the “choose-your-own-adventure” type, our staff can create a custom route for you, depending on your skill level, ride goals and scenic preferences. Your route will be loaded into a complimentary Garmin device for your ride.

Explore our Favorite Rides

Stay Energized

Before you head out, our staff will be sure to fuel you for a great ride with complimentary nutrition bars and Skratch Labs hydration mixes.

Ride with the Pros

Looking for a riding partner to push you harder on climbs, pace you on the winding downhills and show you small backroads that only an experienced local rider would know? Our Guest Services team will be happy to arrange a ride with one of our guides.