Take advantage of beautiful routes through the blue ridge mountains or enjoy a group yoga session on our property!

Wellness Room

Start your day with an invigorating private or group yoga session. Then relax your mind and body in the Infrared sauna.

Winter Yoga Retreat

Escape the chaos of the holiday season at Hotel Domestique with Karina. Experience a time of rest and reset while taking in the beautiful scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
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NordicTrack with iFit

Ride with our own George Hincapie on our new Commercial Studio Cycles as he takes you on the roads that took him to the finish of the Tour de France 17 times.

Have George or a variety of iFit personal trainers lead the way and automatically adjust the resistance of your machine.


Following along routes beloved by both local cyclists and tour athletes alike, gear up, pack some snacks, and go for a ride solo or with a group.
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Hypervolt Plus

Do more to maximize your muscles. Hypervolt Plus is complementary to each of our rooms. Additionally, you can reserve one of our two NormaTec Leg Pulse 2.0’s to maximize your recovery

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Make a Reservation

To book a specific room, please call us at 1.864.633.3758
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