Nearby Activities

Whether you’re in the area seeking adventure or a relaxing weekend getaway, our onsite amenities cater to a vast number of luxurious pursuits and active lifestyles.

It’s no secret that there is more to do in our corner of South Carolina than you could fit in a day, a weekend, or even a whole week. If you’re visiting with your loved one, our goal is to make sure that you find rest and relaxation in whatever form you desire. From yoga and massages on property to adventure hikes or horseback riding, we’ve provided a sample itinerary to help you map out an amazing day with your significant other. Don’t forget to check out our Upstate Adventurer Passport for even more activity, food, and drink ideas.


  • When you wake up you won’t even have to leave the property. Enjoy the comfort of your room and our room service or take advantage of our beautiful courtyard.
  • Be sure and take a swim in our saltwater pool or you can relax on the lounge deck as well.
  • Start your morning nice and slow with a private yoga session here at Hotel Domestique.
  • Go kayaking or stand up paddle boarding through Green River Adventures in nearby Saluda, NC.
  • There are multiple stables within twenty minutes and our concierge would be happy to set up horseback riding for you.



  • Begin the evening with a couples massage here at Hotel Domestique.
  • Take in a show at The Peace Center in downtown Greenville.
  • Take a winery or brewery tour
    • The Upstate is home to over a dozen breweries as well as numerous wineries that are open for tours and tastings.
  • Finish the evening off with a private dinner on property at Restaurant 17.
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