Foodie Passport - Greenville

Whether you’re in the area seeking adventure or a relaxing weekend getaway, our onsite amenities cater to a vast number of luxurious pursuits and active lifestyles.

Over the last few years, Greenville has become recognized around the world as a destination for food lovers. No matter what kind of food you enjoy, you’re bound to find it in Greenville, being made by award-winning chefs and up-and-comers alike.  Below, we’ve highlighted some options for both the Traveler’s Rest/ Greenville area as well as the Hendersonville/Asheville area. These are by no means the only restaurants in the area, merely jumping off points to create your own foodie adventure. You can find many more restaurants on the Visit Greenville website, the Hendersonville website, or the Explore Asheville website

Travelers Rest/Greenville Area


Start with a filling farm-to-fork meal at Restaurant 17 while you plan the rest of your day.


Head into downtown Traveler’s Rest to Tandem Creperie for crepes, waffles, and coffee.


Head into downtown Greenville for a number of breakfast and brunch options, such as Soby’s, Nosedive Gastropub, or Biscuit Head.


In Traveler’s Rest, grab burgers, bar food and an ice cold beer at Chicora Alley.


Head into Greenville to get tacos from Willy Taco Feed & Seed or Papi’s Tacos.


If you’ve got people who want different things, head to Gather GVL or The Commons for numerous cuisine options.


Have a sit-down, farm-to-table meal at Fork & Plough.


Return to Restaurant 17 for craft cocktails and modern takes on classic dishes.


Indulge in New Italian while overlooking Falls Park at Jianna.


Have your fill of moules frites at Belgian restaurant The Trappe Door.


Cut into a perfectly-cooked steak at Hall’s Chophouse or Larkin’s.

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