Whether you’re in the area seeking adventure or a relaxing weekend getaway, our onsite amenities cater to a vast number of luxurious pursuits and active lifestyles.



  • When you wake up you won’t even have to leave the property. Enjoy the comfort of your room and our room service or take advantage of our beautiful courtyard.
  • Be sure and take a swim in our saltwater pool or you can relax on the lounge deck as well.
  • Our Property is in close proximity to a multitude of trails that you can bike or hike.
  • Start your morning nice and slow with a private yoga session here at Hotel Domestique.
  • Take your loved one on a beautiful morning horseback ride, even alongside waterfalls. There are multiple stables within 20 minutes.



    • Begin the evening with a couples massage here at Hotel Domestique.
    • Wine tastings at Victoria Valley Vineyards (20 minutes away)
    • Finish the evening off with a private dinner on property at Restaurant 17.
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