Experience Domestique
Hotel Domestique offers world-class amenities and programs that can’t be found elsewhere. Our custom packages are designed to give guests an ultimate mountain experience: to play, stay, dine, train, bike, run, swim, or simply just relax. At the very core of the Hotel Domestique experience, is a governing principle that weaves its way into everything we strive to offer our guests. In a word, it’s Balance. Periods of extreme physical activity can be juxtaposed with moments of sheer relaxation. A rigorous morning bike ride, can be followed by a lazy afternoon drinking wine among close friends. It is, quite naturally, up to each guest to conduct and orchestrate his or her visit as they see fit. For our part, we will see to it that you receive an experience that is altogether customized and tailored to your interests and desires. With just the right balance of exertion and ease, that you alone will determine.
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Full 2016 XD Schedule

February 9–12:  Express XD – Culinary & Cycling Camps

February 28March 3:  XD – Ride with George &  Christian

March 31–April 5: XD – Tour of Flanders

July 24–28:  XD –Ride with George featuring Bobby Julich

August 2–5:  Express XD – Culinary & Cycling Camps

August 21–25:  XD – Ride with George featuring Christian Vande Velde & Craig Lewis

December 6–9:  Express XD – Culinary & Cycling Camps