Weddings at Hotel Domestique

Like the modern country house of a well-traveled friend, Hotel Domestique feels both international and inviting, worldly yet at home in its beautiful Blue Ridge locale. Established by world-renowned cyclist George Hincapie to share the same unforgettable hospitality, cuisine, rest and adventure he discovered during his travels abroad, Hotel Domestique is the perfect destination for an intimate wedding with friends and family.

Don’t hesitate to contact our wedding coordinator, Sarah Pannell, at or by phone at (864) 516-1715!

The Perfect Blend of Hospitality, Beauty, and Grace

Rooted in the French term for “servant,” domestique is the name given to cyclists like George Hincapie who serve their team and work tirelessly to propel it forward. It is fitting, then, that Hincapie’s modern, European-inspired hotel bears that name. Fitting, too, that the hotel’s hospitality lives up to that high standard of servitude. Our entire team is committed to delivering personal, passionate service and making your wedding a truly unforgettable experience.

A View You'll Never Forget

With several venues including our beautiful courtyard and Restaurant 17’s various spaces – nestled in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, you’d struggle to find a more stunning landscape for your special day.