USP Pro Challenge Party and Ride Tuesday Tastings

Tuesday Nights with Chef Adam

Tuesdays at 17: Small Plates with Wine Pairings

When you have a Chef with the cooking pedigree and creativity of Chef Adam Cooke, each week is a delicious journey to showcase seasonal ideas based on fresh area ingredients. As summer wanes and fall approaches, Chef Adam is working closely with local growers and farmers to select the finest fruits, vegetables, and ingredients around. On Tuesday evenings, he will be featuring these ingredients in a series of small, elegant plates and pairing them with fine wines from around the world. Utilizing the oldest, most traditional cooking methods and combining them with innovative recipes and techniques, Chef Adam and his experienced team will create distinctive dishes that are at once subtle, savory, and eclectic—and that appeal to a wide-range of palates.

"My goal is to create plates that are my own interpretation of local regional dishes, just as George and Rich have made Hotel Domestique an extension of their international heritage and experience."

Chef Adam will present a variety of small plate options paired with wine. Reservations are recommended.
3 plates for $30*, 4 for $40*, 5 for $50*, 6 for $60*

*Minimum of three plates. A pairing is a tasting (1.5 to 2 oz. pour) and is complimentary with each plate. Corkage fees apply.

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