Special Tasting of Grower Champagne Tasting: French and Italian Wine and Cheese Pairing

Tuesday Nights: Small Plates with Wine Pairings

Tuesdays in August

Tuesday nights at Restaurant 17 just got more interesting—and savory. Chef Adam will present a variety of small plate courses paired with fine wines.

3 plates for $30*, 4 for $40*, 5 for $50*, 6 for $60*

Each Tuesday night will be an altogether new experience as Adam prepares a sampling of delicious meats, cheeses, vegetables, and flavorful accents. Whether it’s an entrée or your main course, Tuesday will become one of your favorite nights of the week to dine out at Restaurant 17.

*Minimum of three plates. A pairing is a tasting (1.5 to 2 oz. pour) and is complimentary with each plate. Corkage fees apply

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