Celebrating Le Tour / Belgium, Beer & Bikes Tuesday Nights: Small Plates with Wine Pairings

Special Tasting of Grower Champagne

Think light, sparkling, artisanal winemaking. This is what the eclectic Champagne region of France is known for—and what the world is increasingly beginning to discover. The Grower Champagnes are unique because they are (for the most part) produced by a single estate in which the grapes are grown. The term often used to describe this region, as well as the process, is terroir, which means “land” and suggests the collective influence of geography, geology, and climate on the produced grapes. The finished wines are the result of terrior, rather than on a distinct, consistent “house style.” To explain in more detail, Ryan Brazell with Grassroots Wine Wholesalers will be on hand for a regional exploration of Montagne de Reims, Valle de la Marne, and Cotes de Blancs. This promises to be a fun and educational evening for all in attendance. We hope to see you there.

Thursday, July 17 at 6pm
$25 per person
Limited Seating

Reservations Required
RSVP (864) 516-1254

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