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Chef Adam’s Holiday Cocktail: The Dickens Dickel

The Dickens Dickle Cocktail

Each Yuletide season brings with it the hope for a traditional Dickens-like Christmas, filled with joy and jollity. After all, the holidays are a festive time of celebration amongst family and friends. They are also a time of stress, sometimes extreme stress (just ask Clark “Sparky” Griswold). To help you enjoy the high moments and “push through” the low points, Chef Adam presents his special The Dickens Dickel cocktail. So whether you’re having an idyllic Dickens-esque holiday, or the absolute dickens of a hellish meltdown, this is the drink to help you maximize the mirth….or more likely, minimize the mayhem. Bottoms up!!

The Dickens Dickel Recipe

  • 1 oz. George Dickel No 12 (white label)
  • 1 splash Tim Burton’s Maple Syrup
  • 3 dashes bitters
  • 2 oz. hard cider
  • Optional Garnish: orange twist and candied cranberry
  • Tools: shaker, strainer
  • Glass: flute
  • Garnish: orange twist

Combine all ingredients, except hard cider, and shake with ice cubes. Fine-strain into a chilled flute, top with hard cider and garnish. Candied Cranberry Recipe: Toss fresh or frozen cranberries in sugar and leave out overnight.

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