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A taste of the Mediterranean

Mediterranean (especially Greek) cuisine has a rich history that dates back thousands of years. In fact, the Sicilian poet Archestratos is credited with writing the first cookbook around 320 B.C. Since then, the culinary evolution of Mediterranean cookery has undergone an explosion of cultural, geographical, and climactic influences that have made it as diverse and interesting as the people who created it. Chef Adam Cooke will take us on a scintillating tour of this vast culinary landscape, focusing on the following regions:

Tuesday 6/3: Morocco

Tuesday 6/10: Greece

Tuesday 6/17: Turkey

Tuesday 6/24: Cyprus

First Course (To share for the table)
Halloumi, Toasted Cheese
Skordalia, Garlicy Potato Dip
Olive Bread
Charred Pork Tenderloin

Entree Choices
Calamari filled with Rice scented with Cumin and Clove and served with Summer Vegetables

Pork Souvlaki with Grilled Lemons and Fried Garlic Bread

Pourgouri: Braised Chicken with Vermacelli, Cracked Wheat and toasted Onion with Fresh Tomato and Cucumber

Red Porgi with Okra, Tomato and Rice, Dill and Orange

Tourva: Soft Coconut Cake with Sesame and Bananas

Be sure to join Restaurant 17 on Tuesday nights in June for a taste of the Mediterranean in own backyard. Kalí óreksi!

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