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A Taste of Greece | Tuesday, June 10

Mediterranean month continues at Restaurant 17 on Tuesday, June 10 as we present our next in a series of delicious Pre-fixe theme dinners: Greece. While most Americans are, of course, acquainted with some form of “Americanized” Greek food—gyros, spanakopita, baklava, and the like—many may not be aware of the diversity and variety of cultural influences, and hence spices and flavors, that have shaped Greek dishes for centuries, going all the way back to B.C. times. Chef Adam has conceived a delightfully eclectic menu to give diners a little of the unexpected, along with a few traditional favorites. The fact that Greek cuisine is largely olive-oil based and vegetable forward, gives Adam an opportunity to “play” in a sacred arena (or Parthenon) that he is well acquainted with. We hope you will join us, as we embark on another declicious journey through the Mediterranean. 

A Taste of Greece

Tuesday, June 10

Feta, peas, red onion, olives, cucumber

Skordalia, fried fish and squid fritters with spicy garlic dip

Grilled Lamb Kroketes, fried zucchini, tatziki sauce, fresh cucumber 

Grilled whole fish over lemon, parsley and potato salad – serves 2

Baked Eggplant with artichoke, olives, chickpeas and lemon yoghurt sauce 

Fried doughnut, with cinnamon, figs, honey, almonds

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