The culmination of an exciting year — With big things coming in 2014. Hotel Domestique Announces The Opening of Restaurant 17 on November 15th

A fresh bounty of traditional ingredients and new flavors

Food to me is an expression of the region from which it comes. At Hotel Domestique, I look to create an authentic and evolving food philosophy that is at once reflective of the seasonality of the land and nearby resources, while creating dishes that have a contemporary flair or subtle twist on more traditional recipes. My vision for Restaurant 17 is to lead a world-class team of sous chefs, pastry chefs and bakers to create a forward-thinking culinary experience that is familiar and new. I love to bring out new flavor combinations that center around local fresh ingredients by utilizing classic cooking methods and coupling them with new tools and contemporary techniques. I do not simply want to reinvent Southern Cuisine—its pretty fantastic the way it is and close to my heart. Rather, my goal is to make the cuisine at HD a reflection of the personal tastes of the Hincapies, and a complementary expression of the elegant style and atmosphere at Hotel Domestique.

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