A Taste of Italy Staff Rides at Hotel Domestique

A few thoughts from our 1st XD Camp

One of the goals we have at Hotel Domestique is to give guests an experience that they’ve never had before — something truly unique that goes beyond the typical hospitality and service you can find at most luxury hotels. An example of this is our Experience Domestique (XD) Cycling Camps. We held our very first one last month (late March).

The purpose of these 3-Day Cycling Packages is to give small groups a personal training experience led by me, along with a host of premium hospitality features to round out the camp, including luxury accommodations, morning yoga classes, specially prepared meals, daily massage, and elegant three-course dinners (paired with fine wines) prepared by our own Chef Adam Cooke. I’m happy to say that in spite of the unseasonably cold, rainy weather we had for this particular weekend, the first camp was very special for me and I will take away some great memories.

We had a great group for our inaugural camp, comprised of diverse individuals, at different levels of training, each one with a personal objective. Some of the climbs were quite a challenge — especially in the biting rain — and sometimes the fog made it eerily surreal. But what I will takeaway most is that, through it all, each of the campers showed tremendous willpower and positive energy that the whole group fed off of. Each of these individuals was a true Domestique over the course of these three days, and I hope they gained as much from the experience as I did.

Next XD Climbing Camp is April 20-24
With special guest rider Christian Van Velde

I am very excitied to have my friend and former teammate along for this climb. Christian and I have a lot of great memories together and I’m sure this weekend will be another. Call soon to make a reservation before this Camp fills up. See you on the road…


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