A Celebration of Good Taste The 2014 Gran Fondo: A Homecoming

2014 Gran Fondo: Looking forward to a peak experience

Everything is coming together perfectly for the 2014 Gran Fondo this weekend (Oct. 25). The fall leaves are peaking. The weather’s going to be ideal. And lots of friends, family, and fellow cycling enthusiasts will be on hand for what promises to be an epic weekend in the Carolina Mountains. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a full year since we unofficially kicked off the hotel and restaurant at the 2013 Gran Fondo. It’s been a busy and rewarding 12 months, and now that the time has come again it gives me great pride and pleasure to be a part of this weekend.

Making memories on the bike and off
Rich and I have always had a fondness for this area: the mild year-round weather, the natural beauty of the countryside, the winding mountain roads—it’s why we chose to make this place our home. One of our goals for Hotel Domestique and Restaurant 17 was to create a place that people could visit and feel at home themselves. We love to be able to share these experiences, like the Gran Fondo, with the many people we have either grown up with, or grown close to over the years. My hope is that we will continue to draw more and more people each year that not only appreciate the sport of cycling, but enjoy making memories with their loved ones in this beautiful region. That is what this ride is all about.

Hope to see you this weekend!


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