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Mountain Leaf Season, A Masterpiece of Color

One of my favorite things about the Blue Ridge Mountains is watching each new season creep in and slowly reveal it’s unique wonders: the winter majesty of snow-capped mountains…the regenerating magic of spring flowers…the rich green tapestry of summer forests…and, of course, the vivid multi-colored splendor of the leaves in the fall. The latter, in particular, draws visitors each year from all across the country. Indeed, it was during an October visit 10 years ago that I made the decision to permanently relocate to this mountain playground. But that’s another story.

Leaf Fact: There are more than 850 varieties of trees in the Carolina Mountains

The best thing about leaf season in the Blue Ridge Mountains is the fact it lasts so long. Depending on the elevation, you can behold the reds, yellows, and variety of greens as early as mid-September in the high country — and track their descending glory all the way down to the foothills through late October. One of the many benefits that guests at Hotel Domestique can take advantage of is that we are just a stone’s throw from all of it. A scenic drive by car (or bike!) will take you to both the higher elevations or the foothills. We are literally surrounded by mountains on all sides. And with all the rain we have been blessed with this year, it promises to be a spectacular, and extended, leaf-viewing season.

Optimal Fall Leaf Viewing in Carolina

Higher Elevations: Mid September to early October
Western Carolinas: Early to mid October
Central Carolinas: Mid October to late October
Valley Floor: Late October to early November